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About Us

We are two brothers who share a passion for pop and rock music, especially from the late 1970s and early 1980s, a period we call the Golden Years. We both live in Hampshire and regularly meet up at the Wykeham Arms in Winchester to discuss and play music while downing a bottle or two of wine.

Wykeham Arms, Winchester - our home for discussing music from the Golden Years
Wykeham Arms, Winchester - our head office!


Ant is a writer and author of the Cold Case Jury books. He says: “The first single I owned was Abba's Name Of The Game, given to me by a friend on my 11th birthday in 1977. My interest in singles ignited, the following year I acquired my first record deck, a Ferguson 3054, which boasted an S-shaped needle. My Best Friend's Girl by The Cars was the first single I played on my own deck, quickly followed by Blondie's Hanging On The Telephone. My passion for singles exploded, which endured until the format itself waned into obsolescence two decades later. I bought the obligatory singles box from W H Smith, complete with the plain cardboard sleeves, so I could pin the actual record sleeves on my bedroom with a blob of Blutack underneath each corner. I still have over 1,500 singles, most of which were bought at the time.”

Ant montage - the Golden Years
Ant in the '70s & '80s: "When I was younger, so much younger than today."


Dave is a web designer (part-time) and runs a small online business. He says: “My passion for music started when I got a tape deck for Xmas in 1976 and began recording singles off the Sunday night chart show. I’m not sure this form of music ripping was strictly legal but I didn’t have any money! Well, not until I got a paper round in 1977. The first single I bought was Queen’s We Are The Champions and the first no.1 I owned was Rat Trap by the Boomtown Rats, the first new wave track to hit the top spot. The John Peel show resulted in me being tired for school/college most mornings (it was broadcast 10pm-12am Monday to Friday) but inspired a love of punk and alternative music.”

Ant montage - the Golden Years
Dave in the '70 & '80s: "Don't stop me now I'm having a good time"
Ant & Dave signatures

Ant & Dave Brown, Founders of WOW Vinyl