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Rewind To 1982

Read this year's headlines in our monthly calendar of events and discover snippets about everyday life with our FLASHBACK facts. It's time to go back to the Falklands War, the launch of Channel 4, the cinematic blockbuster ET, the Young Ones on TV and the World Cup in Spain. It's time to go back to... 1982.

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Shortly after take-off an Air Florida Boeing 737 crashes into the Potomac River in Washington killing 74 people
"Brassed Off" (Daily Mirror) – England records its lowest-ever temperature of -26.1°C as a big freeze sweeps the country
The first episode of BBC's The Computer Programme airs despite delays to the BBC Micro
The PM's son Mark Thatcher disappears for three days during a car rally in the Sahara
Busty Erica Roe streaks at Twickenham during the England-Australia rugby match
UK unemployment exceeds 3M for the first time
The Stranglers release the year's most played song Golden Brown

At Dixons a Hitachi VCR costs £399 and a VHS E180 tape £7.99

Laker Airways collapses leaving 6,000 people stranded around the world
Due to the popularity of Bingo the Sun newspaper now sells 4M copies per day
The DeLorean Motor Company goes bust – 1,100 workers lose their jobs in Northern Ireland
The Jam are the first act since The Beatles to perform both songs of their double A side No. 1 on the same Top Of The Pops show
The first Next store opens in Regents Street London selling only women's clothing
After beating England 16-15 at Twickenham Ireland go on to win rugby's Five Nations
The Jam's Town Called Malice enters at No. 1

Ciabatta bread is invented by a Verona baker

Fifty Argentinians land on South Georgia and seize the remote island for their country
Roy Jenkins wins the Glasgow Hillhead by-election for the SDP
In Los Angeles British-made Chariots of Fire wins the Oscar for Best Picture
Harry H. Corbett famous for starring in Steptoe and Son dies of a heart attack aged 57
"New EEC Cash Row" (Daily Mirror) – Britain has been hit with a £622 million bill for this year's Common Market contributions
The premiere of The Spy Who Love Me is the most-watched TV programme of the year
A Flock Of Seagulls have their first hit with I Ran

"Never economise at your own expense" – Johnny Walker whisky

About 2,000 Argentinian troops invade the Falkland Islands precipitating war with Britain
Arthur Lowe famous for playing Captain Mainwaring in Dad's Army dies aged 66
Falklands War: A 40-ship naval task force leaves Britain for the South Atlantic
Amateur Dick Saunders riding Grittar is the oldest jockey to win the Grand National
Adam Ant splits from his group The Ants to pursue a solo career
Nicole's A Little Peace wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany – Britain finishes 7th with One Step Further by Bardo
Ghosts by Japan reaches the Top 10

Tommy Vance is the presenter of Radio 1's Top 40 Show on Sunday evenings

Falklands War: nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror sinks the Argentinian warship General Belgrano killing 300 sailors
Pressure mounts on the British teams to withdraw from the World Cup over concerns of a clash with Argentina
Falklands War: HMS Sheffield, HMS Antelope and HMS Coventry are all lost in action
Late-night chat show Wogan airs for the first time on BBC1 – his guests include Bruce Forsyth and Paula Yates
Falklands War: straight-faced and thin-lipped Defence Ministry spokesman Ian McDonald becomes an unlikely TV personality
Aston Villa win the European Cup and Liverpool are league champions
Only You by Yazoo reaches No. 2

Top Of The Pops is shortened to 30 minutes and starts at 7:30pm

Falklands War: Argentinian troops surrender at Port Stanley
Princess Diana gives birth to a son – Prince William is second in line to the British throne
In the World Cup England beat fancied France 3-1 and Northern Ireland shock Spain by winning 1-0
President Reagan addresses an historic joint session of Parliament
American TV show Fame debuts in the UK and becomes a huge hit with teenagers
Roberto Calvi a banker with ties to the Vatican and the Mafia is found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London
The Look Of Love is the second Top 10 hit for ABC

Unemployment averages 3.12M for the year

Two IRA bombs explode in Hyde Park and Regent's Park in London killing eight soldiers
The Sinclair ZX Spectrum is released in the UK – it will sell 5M units worldwide
After failing to beat Spain in the second round England exit the World Cup which is won by Italy
"The Joy Of Roy" (Daily Mirror) – Roy Jenkins is elected leader of the SDP
Michael Fagan breaks into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace
At Wimbledon Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova are the singles champio
Fame by Irene Cara is No. 1 for three weeks

A gallon of four-star petrol costs £1.72 (or 38p per litre)

A soldier believed to have been killed in the Falklands is found alive after living for six weeks in a remote hut
Sir Ranulph Fiennes completes a three-year transglobe expedition visiting both poles
England skipper Kevin Keegan transfers from Southampton to second division Newcastle
Ingrid Bergman who starred in Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart dies aged 67
The first CD factory outside Japan opens in Germany – the first album it manufactures is The Visitors by ABBA
Blondie's forthcoming European tour is cancelled due to poor ticket sales
If You Want My Love is Cheap Trick's first UK hit

W H Smith is selling the ZX81 computer for £49.95

Princess Grace of Monaco (former actress Grace Kelly) dies 36 hours after a car crash
After 139 years the telegram service closes – it had cost £1.50 + 15p per word to send one
In the US the tabloid USA Today is first published – its leads with the death of Princess Grace
Cult movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford is released in the UK
Keke Rosberg of Finland wins the F1 championship
Legendary 60s singer Roy Orbison is suing his manager for $50Mn
Dire Straits is the unofficial No. 1 with Private Investigations

China becomes the first country to have a population of 1 billion

EPCOT Centre opens at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida
Sony launches the first compact disc player in Japan – the CDP101 costs £450
King Henry VIII's warship the Mary Rose is lifted from the Solent seabed
Star Wars debuts on British TV – Darth Vader is on the TV Times cover with the line "The force comes to ITV"
Billy Joel's album 52nd Street is the first available on CD – but only in Japan
Disney's Tron – the first movie to extensively use computer animation – is released in the UK
The original line-up of The Clash sign off with Straight To Hell

Saturday Superstore with Mike Read is the new children's TV show on Saturday mornings

Channel 4 starts broadcasting – quiz show Countdown is the first programme
Soviet leader Leonid Breshnev dies and is succeeded by Yuri Andropov
Channel 4's live rock show The Tube launches – its first programme includes The Jam, Sting and Duran Duran
"Fears For Di's Health" (Daily Mirror) – tabloids are speculating that the Princess is stressed and is losing weight
The Sierra replaces the bestselling Cortina as Ford's mid-sized family car
Cult TV comedy The Young Ones debuts on BBC2
The Pretenders are in the Top 10 with Back On The Chain Gang

The mortgage rate falls to 10% - the lowest for four years

After breaking US box office records Steven Spielberg's ET opens in UK cinemas
Michael Jackson's Thriller is released – it will become one of the biggest selling albums in the UK
Grease, Moonraker and The Snowman are given British TV premieres over Christmas
ABBA make their final public appearance on BBC's The Late Late Breakfast Show
The first episode of sitcom Allo Allo airs on BBC1
Daley Thompson is crowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year
Beat Surrender is the final single from The Jam – it enters at No. 1

Time Magazine's Person of the Year is… the computer